Cooler Chat: Does Alcohol Sabotage Weight Loss?

Cooler Chat: Does Alcohol Sabotage Weight Loss?
Date & Time: Saturday, June 30 | 8:30-9:30am
Location: fit-flavors Creve Coeur | 11615 Olive Blvd Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Summer is so fun, especially when you're sipping margaritas with friends by the pool, enjoying a cold beer at a concert on the lawn, or celebrating with champagne at a graduation party. And who doesn't love a refreshing drink simply because it's the end of a long week?

If you're trying to lose weight though, could that drink be sabotaging all your hard work? Is a certain amount of alcohol ok or should you not drink at all? Are certain kinds of alcohol healthier than others? When you have a drink, does your body process it like a carbohydrate or something else entirely? Aren't the antioxidents in wine good for you???

Spoiler alert: we're not going to tell you to cut out alcohol. 

Join Allison Lesko, Licensed and Registered Dietitian and at the June Cooler Chat to get all of your questions answered about alcohol and weight loss. Learn if alcohol is sabotaging your weight loss, how to find balance in your diet and sustainably lose weight. 


There is a $12 investment attend this seminar. For questions, please contact us

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Allison Lesko is the Licensed and Registered Dietitian at fit-flavors. She strongly believes we should have positive experiences at mealtimes and truly enjoy the food we eat. Allison is passionate about teaching mindfulness and portion control to achieve your goals. She encourages all her clients to view eating healthy as a lifestyle, not a diet.

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