How to Portion Control on the Go: Hand Portions Guide

Allison Lesko

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How to Portion Control on the Go: Hand Portions Guide

You probably know that green beans are good for you and fried chicken is not so good for you, but how confident are you in how many green beans to eat? Or grains or fruits or fats?

We get this question a lot: “How much should I eat?” So we created this handy dandy Hand Portions Guide for you to easily identify a serving size for different foods. Your hand reflects the proper portion for you, so use it as your own personal measuring tool when making your plate at home or to determine how much to eat at a restaurant.

Hand Portion Guide fit flavors


Allison is the Licensed and Registered Dietitian at fit-flavors. She strongly believes we should have positive experiences at mealtimes and truly enjoy the food we eat. Allison is passionate about teaching others on mindfulness and portion control to achieve your goals.  She encourages all her clients to view eating healthy as a lifestyle, not a diet. Learn more about Allison and one-on-one nutrition counseling.

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  • Can you explain the palm of the hand being 3 oz of meat? I could have a thin slice of balogna or a 6 inch thick beef tenderloin fit in the palm of my hand. what thickness are you using to help estimate 3 oz. thank you for providing this guide

    ScottR on

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