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Bulk Sweet Potato Fries

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Vent film, reheat portion for 1:00 - 1:30 minutes. Store leftovers in airtight packaging.

bulk sweet potato fries nutrition facts


Hand-cut sweet potato fries tossed in a savory spice blend. 4 Servings

Dairy Free Dairy Free

Gluten Free Gluten Free

Nut Free Nut Free

vegan Vegan

150 cal | 1.5g fat | 33g carb | 3g protein

Nutrition Facts

Reheat Instructions

Sweet Potatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chili Powder, Black Pepper, Paprika, Cumin, Kosher Salt.

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All of our meals are designed by a team of chefs and registered dietitians to contain a healthy balance of macronutrients without sacrificing flavor.

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We're proud to use lean, antibiotic and hormone-free proteins, slow digesting carbohydrates, and heart healthy fats. We source our ingredients from local suppliers whenever possible.

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