Tired of typical party food?

Yeah, so are we. 

Get healthy food catered.

Food is so much more than fuel. Food is often the center of our social gatherings; it is a reason to congratulate new grads, embrace newlyweds, plan for next quarter’s budget, and watch the game. Sometimes though, we experience feelings of guilt because food in these settings can be calorically dense and easy to over consume.

Celebration food doesn’t have to be heavy, though, and you don’t need to feel guilty for enjoying yourself at the soiree! That’s why fit-flavors provides healthy catering for the St. Louis area, to ensure healthy gatherings—connect and celebrate over healthy food to keep you and your guests glowing long after the party ends.

Catering by fit-flavors is perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Our casual display utilizes disposable supplies to allow for easy clean up, and is ideal for relaxed parties, corporate meetings, and outdoor events. For fancier fare, we recommend a formal display with polished supplies and highly recommend staff to help manage the spread.

Our healthy food catering features the same balanced nutritional philosophy as our packaged meals and offers the same variety. We can cater your St. Louis event during any meal time with fresh, appropriate healthy choices for your guests, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, soup, salad, and snacks. Catering options are also able to accommodate certain dietary needs, such as vegetarian, nut free, gluten free, and dairy free.

Not sure what food to order? Our catering and events coordinator will help you choose a healthy catering menu and determine if staffing is necessary! Delivery is also available for an additional fee.