5 Common Misconceptions in Health & Fitness

Joseph Thompson

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5 Common Misconceptions in Health & Fitness

In the age of social media, the amount of information regarding health and fitness is massive.  Every influencer has the perfect diet, workout, and supplements. How do we know what's true?

Unfortunately, the latest juice cleanse won't shrink your waistline in one week. By debunking common misconceptions in the fitness industry, the road to achieving your fitness goals will be much clearer.

1. Detox Diets

  • Misconception:  Specific diets and “detox” products (looking at you, juice cleanses) can rid the body of toxins
  • Reality:  The body has its own natural detoxification processes via the liver and kidneys. Detox products do not accentuate these processes, and likely do nothing for the body

2. Supplements

  • Misconception:  Supplements are an essential part of your diet
  • Reality:  There is nothing in products like protein powders and meal replacement shakes that you can't get from a whole food diet. Supplements are supposed to be just that: a supplement to an already balanced diet. Prioritize your diet first, and fill in the gaps with supplements when necessary

3. Spot Reduction for Fat Loss

  • Misconception:  Working out specific body parts will lead to fat loss in those areas
  • Reality:  Fat loss occurs uniformly across the entire body, and the only way to reduce body fat in specific areas is to reduce your overall body fat %

4. Weight Loss Equals Health

  • Misconception:  Losing weight on the scale means you’re getting healthier
  • Reality:  Although weight loss is a solid goal for those who are overweight, an emphasis on body composition is a better indicator of progress for someone at a reasonable body weight

5. Carbs Make You Fat

  • Misconception:  Carbs are “fattening” and directly responsible for weight gain
  • Reality:  Weight gain is usually caused by consuming too many calories, regardless of which macronutrient they come from.  Demonizing carbohydrates demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of macronutrients and how they affect our weight

The reality is this: sticking to a balanced diet and quality workout program are the keys to achieving your health goals.  Any product, fad diet, or supplement claiming to be a "quick fix" is marketing nonsense.

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