"First of all, I am a big fan of fit-flavors and the work you all do. My husband and I frequent the Brentwood location and fit-flavors has been a HUGE part of mu weight loss journey for the past 5 months (I am currently down 50 pounds!) I have been talking you all up so much to family, friends, and co-workers, that someone from my HR team reached out and you all are coming to our Wellness Fair that we host for employees to increase wellness education. So needless to say, I am all about fit-flavors!" -Lisa Whealon, St. Louis


As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and personal trainer, I'm always researching the best ways to treat patients and enhance my clients' abilities. It's apparent that fit-flavors follows cutting edge nutrition research to provide the same quality of care for their customers. I appreciate their evidence-based approach and tust them to provide my clients and me with the nutritional support necessary to thrive." Dr. Elaine Reinberg PT DPT, St. Louis


"I'm so glad I've found fit-flavors. It makes eating healthy so easy. But the best part is the food is AMAZING! My fav is the Turkey Bolo. Feel like a cheat food? Wait til you try the Protein Rounds; quality ingredients, and delicious! fit-flavors has become a foundation of my healthy, busy lifestyle. Try it!" -Colleen Maginn, St. Louis


"I cannot express how much fit-flavors meals have impacted my life; I have never FELT nor LOOKED this good until I started consistently eating fit-flavors meals! My favorite meal is the Salmon Filet. I could eat that braised red cabbage all day long! These meals are truly amazing!" Kelsey Phalen Certified Personal Trainer, St. Louis


"I cannot thank the team at fit-flavors enough for being a part of my competition prep! Jillian and everyone at fit-flavors knows the incredibly high demands of competition athletes and ensures the food is catered to those requirements. If I ever had a question regarding ingredients or nutritional values, I could always rely on a speedy response form the Registered Dietitian! Healthy is truly not boring at fit-flavors, clearly evidenced through each delicious recipe (Spice Rubbed Chicken is my personal favorite!)." -Jessica Evand IFPA Bikini Pro, St. Louis


"I have been grabbing lunch from fit-flavors for over a year now. Everything on the menu is fantastic, price point is great and you can't beat the friendly smiles of the staff" -N.C.B., St. Louis


"As full-time working parents of toddler twin boys, my husband and I struggled with finding quick healthy options for dinner during the week. When Andy told me about fit-flavors we were so excited to try it and it did not disappoint! We love our healthy meals and the extra time we have to spend with our boys because of the convenience!" -Alisha Lowery, St. Louis


"fit-flavors has been a life savior! I now longer have to spend time prepping healthy meals. All I have to do is heat and eat. The food is fresh and delicious. I never get bored because there are so many options to choose from." -Robyn Messerly, St. Louis


"fit-flavors is amazing! I get extremely healthy meals that taste great, and only require a microwave. For someone who almost burned down his fire station trying to cook, who could ask for more?" -Robert Roy, St. Louis


"fit-flavors saves me so much time each week. Before fit-flavors, I spend about 6 hours prepping food for my husband and I each week. My husband and I really enjoy the food and it's so convenient and easy to reheat. I also travel a lot so fit-flavors comes with me so that I have clean, healthy meals on the go! fit-flavors is truly a life saver for me and my family. Thank you Jillian and your team for all the hard work you make clean eating simple!" -Nicole B., St. Louis


"fit-flavors has replaced my grocery shopping and I love it! The meals are delicious and I never get tired of their menu. I have noticed that my life no longer revolved around food and I don't experience cravings like I used to because my body is getting what it needs thanks to Jillian!" -Cathy W., St. Louis


"My partner and I have lost weight since coming to fit-flavors. I've lost 11 pounds and he has lost 15! Of course we incorporate this with walking 3 miles 5-6 times per week." -Ted Gibson, St. Louis


"Not only do they have a compassionate fit-family, but the food is outstanding. Sometimes people think healthy food is tasteless and not very flavorful, but the food made by Jillian and her staff is remarkable. The flavors that go into each fresh, healthy meal will definitely make you ask for seconds." -Kelsey Barbeau, St. Louis


"It was pure curiosity that led me to stop into fit-flavors for the first time. Little did I know, this one stop would soon become part of my weekly routine and eventually help me surpass fitness goals I never thought possible. 

In early 2015 I made it my goal to become the healthiest version of myself by the year 2016. To support this goal of "getting healthy," I made my focus Mount Kilimanjaro, in May of 2016. The problem? I am no mountaineer, and was completely overwhelmed at the idea of training 6 days per week, changing my diet, cooking helathy meals, all while having some sort of life outside of fitness. 

I work full time (10 hours shifts) at a hostpial and part time at a yoga studio on the weekends. With the help of fit-flavors I was able to stick to a healthy diet, despite an intense training schedule and busy workweek. I have been consistency satisfied with the quality of the meals, and packing my lunch at 5AM is completely stress free. I love not having to spend hours prepping the same healthy meals, which has motivated me to stay on track with my exercise program and gave me free time to enjoy with friends and family. For numerous months, I would leave the house at 5:45AM and not return until after 7PM. With this schedule, which included a 10 hour shift and 1-2 hour workout, I would have struggled to stay on track (as we all kjnow it is much easier to grab take-out) if it was not for fit-flavors. The staff is both extremely friently and very knowledgable about each of the meals. I highly recomen dstopping into the store, even if it is to just ask quesitons about healthy meals to-go or obtain nutritional infromaitn.

I want to personally thank all those at fit-flavors for helping me surpass my goal of "getting healthy," as I am truly in the best shape of my life. I summited Mount Kilimanjaro on June 5th, 2016, a day I will never forget. If you are looking to change your eating habits, want to lose weight, gain muscle, have an extremely busy schedule, or are just looking for a quick, great tasting meal, I encourage you to try fit-flavors. Use it to conquer any obstacle, goal or mountain in your life--I assure you that you will not be disappointed!" -Carrie Smith, St. Louis