Customer Stories & Testimonials

First of all, I am a big fan of fit-flavors and the work you all do. My husband and I frequent the Brentwood location and fit-flavors has been a HUGE part of my weight loss journey for the past 5 months (I am currently down 50 pounds!) I have been talking you all up so much to family, friends, and co-workers, that someone from my HR team reached out and you all are coming to our Wellness Fair that we host for employees to increase wellness education. So needless to say, I am all about fit-flavors!

Lisa Whealon, St. Louis, MO

I don't cook so I ate out all the time and portions were too big, lots of sodium, etc. I tried to chose healthier options like Chipotle, but still wasn't losing weight.

fit-flavors meals were different because of portion control, larger veggie portion and fewer carbs.

I lost about 5lbs in the first few months and had more energy for my workouts. After losing the weight, the work outs became easier so I worked out harder and am now in much better physical shape.

I've lost about 8-10 pounds in a year - from high 180s to high 170s. I've lost an inch on my waist and dropped a shirt size. My work-outs are harder and I see better results. Thank you Fit-Flavors!

Jonathan Cline, St. Louis, MO

I hate to cook and I didn’t have the knowledge or patience to learn how to cook something healthy for myself. I was eating the same thing every night, and it didn’t taste very good.

With fit-flavors, I have a variety of meals that I can choose from that I know are healthy for me. Dinner takes no time to prepare. I don’t even have to think about it. I get to eat a meal I enjoy and look forward to eating that I know is good for me!

I love stopping by the store every week to pick out my meals. It’s so fun to see what changes are made to the menu that highlights seasonal vegetables. I am just so thankful for Fit Flavors!!! I say a little prayer of thanks to Fit Flavors everyday!

Lori Turnage, St. Louis, MO

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and personal trainer, I'm always researching the best ways to treat patients and enhance my clients' abilities. It's apparent that fit-flavors follows cutting edge nutrition research to provide the same quality of care for their customers. I appreciate their evidence-based approach and tust them to provide my clients and me with the nutritional support necessary to thrive."

Dr. Elaine Reinberg PT DPT, St. Louis, MO

I was unable to lose my last few pounds and didn't have enough time for meal prep. I thought I was eating healthy going to places like chipotle, but I wasn't losing weight and was never sure how much carbs/protein/fat in those meals to meet/stay under my macros.

At fit-flavors, the food is precisely measured out and the macros are on every container so I know exactly what I'm consuming.

I slowly started losing pounds while still knowing I was getting healthy food to maintain energy for all my exercising.

I know I'm not eating too much, but also eating enough!

Leslie Jacobs, Clayton, MO

I don’t have time to cook healthy meals three times a day. Sometimes just cooking dinner is a hassle. I was tired of looking at recipes, making a decision on what to make, shopping for the ingredients, lugging it home, cooking and last but not least portioning it out. Fit Flavors feels like I’m spending a lot but when you think of the time and energy saved it’s a no brainer.

Fit Flavors tastes so much better than prepackaged frozen meals. They have a wide selection that satisfies me and my husband. They offer delivery and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Honestly, my stress level is way down. It’s one less thing I have to think about now and eating healthy is very important to me. I’m finding more time to exercise which is what I really wanted. I have more time for family, exercise and work. We spend a lot of weekends at the lake so I pack a cooler of meals on Friday and get out of town. It’s great to show up at the lake and not have to cook right away.

Angela Rickard, St. Louis, MO

I'm so glad I've found fit-flavors. It makes eating healthy so easy. But the best part is the food is AMAZING! My fav is the Turkey Bolo. Feel like a cheat food? Wait til you try the Protein Rounds; quality ingredients, and delicious! fit-flavors has become a foundation of my healthy, busy lifestyle. Try it!

Colleen Maginn, St. Louis, MO

I needed a healthy option for a quick meal like lunch during work days or a quick dinner. I try to eat "well" during the week knowing that the 1-2 days over the weekend are when I can spoil myself with less healthy options. I ended up eating less healthy solutions like a potbelly sandwich or chipotle when I didn't have time to make my own meal.

fit-flavors is real food and a balanced meal with veggies. I hate veggies. These meals make me eat them. They are also the reason I now cook sweet potatoes and broccolini at home. Turns out I don't hate them - they actually taste good. Who knew.

I kept returning to the store realizing I was keeping with my goal of eating well during the week. On Wendesday, I was on the way to a Blues Stanley cup watch party with my daughter. I grabbed her some fast food (I know, terrible), but I stopped and got a fit flavors meal for myself. It was a weeknight and nice to have the option of eating healthy while on the run. It saved me 1,000+ calories and who knows how much fat.

Kris Anderson, St. Louis, MO

I was struggling with having healthy lunches available every week. Meal prep takes a long time and I often times couldn't fit it into my weekend schedule. I often times felt guilty for not having time to meal prep on weekends but other priorities were more important.

The availability of fit-flavors is key. I don't want to be roped into a meal plan where I have to commit to a certain number of meals each week. I am often out of town for work so having the ease of going in to the store front to buy what I need when I need it is what keeps me coming back. I realized it would work the first time I went in to the store. It is very easy to navigate.

I have more time to work out and relax. I am not spending a ton of time in the grocery store or the kitchen. I don't feel guilty about not having lunch ready for the week.
Rochelle Balentine, St. Louis, MO

I cannot express how much fit-flavors meals have impacted my life; I have never FELT nor LOOKED this good until I started consistently eating fit-flavors meals! My favorite meal is the Salmon Filet. I could eat that braised red cabbage all day long! These meals are truly amazing!

Kelsey Phalen Certified Personal Trainer, St. Louis, MO

With a family and being pulled in different directions with schedules I needed something quick and healthy. I was frustrated trying to spend so much time preparing and cooking.

I love that Fit Flavors creates healthy, clean, balanced and delicious meals!

I realized immediately the meals were fitting my needs of quality products and nutrition!

I am able to spend more time with my family and not stressing about what to prepare. And having a meal ready to eat that I know is healthy makes me extremely happy!

Erin Phelan, Wentzville, MO

I really don't like to cook and it was hard to find good, healthy, and fresh pre-made meals. Plus, if I did cook, there may have been food left over that I had not eaten which was thrown out. That could get expensive and just wasteful. It was tough because I wanted simple and good meals that were just the right portions and without food going to waste.

Fit Flavors had those fresh, healthy, delicious and portioned meals and snacks. There was the calorie and macro breakdown with each of the meals and snacks which meant that I didn't have figure out any of that information. The variety with meals and snacks was exactly what I was looking for so that I did not have to cook! Plus...I knew that I would not waste food since each meal was perfect in size. I found the prices reasonable for the quality of the meals! Best tasting food!!!! The staff was fantastic from the first day I walked into the store. They were so friendly, welcoming, helpful and made sure that I had a great experience shopping in this store.
Once I discovered Fit -Flavors, I was in food heaven! :o) And...the first day I walked in... there were samples of the Fit Turtle snacks! So good!! I no longer had to cook!!! Perfect size meals with amazing taste! The Creve Coeur location is very close to my house, so I was very happy! I knew from that moment...was when I found my nutrition company!
A bit later on I met Allison and she helped me design a great nutrition program using Fit-Flavor foods and MyFitnessPal. She was amazing and helped me achieve fantastic results! She is the caring and concerned about you and your goals!
Best food and staff!!! 3 years later...I still use Fit-Flavors pre-made meals and the online bulk dishes for mostly every meal. I order my main protein chicken and turkey bulk dishes every few days, so that I can keep my fitness schedule on target. When I add beef into my program...their beef dishes are the best!!
I am so grateful to have found this Company for quality, convenience and health!
Debi Sugarman, Creve Coeur, MO

I cannot thank the team at fit-flavors enough for being a part of my competition prep! Jillian and everyone at fit-flavors knows the incredibly high demands of competition athletes and ensures the food is catered to those requirements. If I ever had a question regarding ingredients or nutritional values, I could always rely on a speedy response form the Registered Dietitian! Healthy is truly not boring at fit-flavors, clearly evidenced through each delicious recipe (Spice Rubbed Chicken is my personal favorite!).

Jessica Evand IFPA Bikini Pro, St. Louis, MO

I couldn't find anywhere that I could buy FRESH QUALITY "on the go" type foods from. I am a really busy person and I HATE meal prepping. I was frustrated because I was forced to buy crappy processed foods. I only bought them because they were convenient.

fit-flavors has friendly team members, fresh food, excellent macros to help me reach my weight training goals.

The moment I tried my first meal, and actually liked it, I knew I would be back. I never knew clean eating could taste so good! It also helps that I don't have to do any of the work with prepping the meal.

Life is less stressful now. I go to Fit Flavors and pick up some meals for the week. If I don't have time to cook anything, I eat a Fit Flavors meal and I can rest easy knowing I put quality nutrients into my body.

Erica Winston, St. Louis, MO

My main issue was having reliable, healthy choices for lunch and dinner during the busy work week. This was stressful and I was aggravated!

Fit Flavors meals were healthy but delicious! Usually, healthy prepared meals that are prepackaged lacked taste. I was able to provide my husband and myself with healthy options, in less than 2 minutes and we were also losing weight.

I now have more time during the week and we are eating earlier instead of eating at 9pm because of the time it takes to make dinner. I like to unwind after getting home and during the week, cooking dinner is not an option if I want to eat at a decent time. We now have healthy meals and more time to enjoy each other's company. Fit Flavors has been a game changer and it has helped make my life so much easier during the week!

Lenora Gooden, St. Louis, MO

I have been grabbing lunch from fit-flavors for over a year now. Everything on the menu is fantastic, price point is great and you can't beat the friendly smiles of the staff.

N.C.B., St. Louis, MO

The frustration of trying to make quick, healthy foods and then portioning them out on my own was just exhausting. You finally reach a point where you just give up because buying, prepping, & making dinners was just too much!

The difference is, is that you have made it so easy! There is literally no work for me to do other than putting the meal in the microwave & logging into my phone!

I would say I realized this was life changing after the 1st week. It took a huge weight off my shoulders & I could just focus on exercising because the eating healthy was taken care of!

My life is so much easier as I have more time to focus on other things in my life. I also feel so much better as I am now eating healthy clean food! Seriously how I feel is like night and day! Fit Flavors is a no brainer!

Cheryl Georgie, St. Louis, MO

I was eating fast food too often because it was convenient when I was hungry. I knew I wasn't making good choices, but when I was hungry I seemed like I was trapped and didn't have any other options.

Fit Flavors meals tasted great and there was enough variety to where I don't get bored with them. They are well balanced and give me a quick healthy option. When I buy a handful of meals for the week, it not only eliminates the amount of choices I have to make about meals, but it makes me feel better about what I'm putting in my body. I now have less stress, more confidence in how I'm living my life, and more nutrient dense food in my diet.

Abigail Pierce, Ballwin, MO

As full-time working parents of toddler twin boys, my husband and I struggled with finding quick healthy options for dinner during the week. When Andy told me about fit-flavors we were so excited to try it and it did not disappoint! We love our healthy meals and the extra time we have to spend with our boys because of the convenience!

Alisha Lowery, St. Louis, MO

We had a problem with meal prep and portion control. Even though we were making healthy choices, we were still struggling with portion control and variety.

fit-flavors is already prepped and portioned for us - a huge timesaver!

My husband and I no longer resort to take-out and other poor decisions to help us manage our eating.

We are both working on our weight loss journeys and have together lost 40 pounds in the last two months. We both have more to accomplish, but Fit Flavors has been an integral contributor to our success.

Katherine Robbins, Edwardsville, IL

I enjoy healthy food, but I get bored without variety. It’s difficult shopping as a single and being someone who has a very hard time eating the same foods everyday, makes it all the more hard to plan and eat nutritious and affordable. Fit Flavors solves those problems for me!

I hate cooking so I get frustrated very easily when trying out different recipes that don’t turn out well. I get frustrated by the wasted food, money and effort. When cooking for 1 it’s nearly impossible not to have repeat leftovers but I get frustrated with myself when I ditch the 2nd or 3rd day of leftovers for fast food. It frustrated me that even though I was spending time and money on going to the gym, I wasn’t seeing results because of my inconsistent diet.

Fit Flavors meals are always fresh, the quality and healthiness are top notch of competitors.

When I consistently got meals and made small tweaks to my diet when eating non FF meals, I finally started losing weight - and gradually went down 2 sizes!!

I'm still a work in progress, and let myself plateau more than I should, but I am happy with the results I’ve maintained so far!

Dana Downs, St. Louis, MO

fit-flavors has been a life savior! I now longer have to spend time prepping healthy meals. All I have to do is heat and eat. The food is fresh and delicious. I never get bored because there are so many options to choose from.

Robyn Messerly, St. Louis, MO

When it came to portion control and time constraints for prepping meals, I felt helpless because I couldn’t be successful .

The difference with fit-flavors was the convenience and the quality.

As a nurse I work long shifts and to be able to grab a couple of meals for my shift was a game changer rather than trying to pack all of my food to work or eat at the cafeteria.

I don’t have to worry about what my meals are going to be or prepping or even having time to go grocery shopping.

Jenny Rehrig, St. Louis, MO

I hate meal prep and so many times I would try to eat on plan on the fly and just by reading that everyone knows that is just now how it works, haha!

I would feel defeated at the end of the day after logging my food and realizing that I did not eat enough protein or I just ate way too much in general.

I love that you have macronutrients listed on the meals! And that they can be frozen, thawed and reheated with no change to the taste.

When I was REALLY not wanting to do my meal prep, I could go into your store and choose about 4 to 5 meals. For me, most of them I could split. So lunch, dinner and sometimes breakfast can be covered for most of my week. Leaving very little meal prep for me.

Meal planning and prep is so much easier knowing I can just pop in and grab some meals. It's also great knowing that in an emergency I can walk over and stay on plan vs eating nothing or eating something here in the office.

Jeni Ray, St. Louis, MO

fit-flavors is amazing! I get extremely healthy meals that taste great, and only require a microwave. For someone who almost burned down his fire station trying to cook, who could ask for more?

Robert Roy, St. Louis, MO

Meal prepping is not my favorite thing to do especially with my busy schedule and sporadic events. I was wasting a lot of food.

I like variety and I don't like prepping the same exact meals every week in order to make it fast and easy.

With Fit Flavors, there is so much variety that it's easy to fit your meals into my macros and not get bored eating the same exact meals every week.

I used solely Fit Flavors prepping for my most recent CrossFit event and participating in the 1st Phorm TransPHORMation Challenge to stay consistent and save time.

I have lost 5lbs, I'm up 4lbs in muscle and down 4% in body fat since July 17th.

Lauren Roney, St. Louis, MO

I had a lack of time to shop and cook healthy food. A lot of eating out and fast food. A lot of frustration around lack of motivation to cook my own food. Didn't want to spend what little free time I had at home cooking.

I feel like Fit-Flavors has the best tasting options, and a good variety of bulk options as well. When I signed up for the recurring deliveries I realized this has freed up time and allowed me to stay on better track with my nutrition. My nutrition is now in much better alignment with my workout/training program. Less time spent worrying about my next meal. Has completely removed the problem of finding time to shop and cook. More time to focus on other things.

Aaron Litzinger, Saint Peters, MO

fit-flavors saves me so much time each week. Before fit-flavors, I spend about 6 hours prepping food for my husband and I each week. My husband and I really enjoy the food and it's so convenient and easy to reheat. I also travel a lot so fit-flavors comes with me so that I have clean, healthy meals on the go! fit-flavors is truly a life saver for me and my family. Thank you Jillian and your team for all the hard work you make clean eating simple!

Nicole B, St. Louis, MO

Cooking for one can be difficult. Being a nurse also has its challenges to eating properly. I've always had a hard time putting on muscle mass, and as I began weight lifting, I wasn't eating enough protein.

My weight fluctuated. I didn't have enough fuel to complete my workouts properly. I felt like I was wasting mine and my trainers time.

I like the variety of fit-flavors. I've enjoyed the seasonal changes. I'm very picky about meat, and fit flavors has very lean meat. The veggies are always fresh, and nothing is over spiced. It helps that the employees are friendly and give good advice.

I no longer leave work feeling terrible because I was actually eating a well rounded meal and not just grabbing junk food from the cafeteria. I lost 2% body fat and gained muscle mass.

Not only do I feel healthy, but I look healthy. For the first time in my life I'm happy with my weight and I finally have curves!

Emily Perulfi, St. Louis, MO

I've been traveling to STL since Dec 16 and was tired of eating crap (Fast Food, bar food, etc.) and decided in Jan of 17 to find a place here that made prepped meals. Just tired of being in a rut...

fit-flavors is healthy. It tastes great. It's easy to track. And everyone on your staff from Alison, Katie, Kerri, Justin, and others are awesome to interact with... You guys have taken time to know my name and make me feel like part of a family - not just some dude with some money.

I've lost about 15 lbs over the last year between eating healthy and spinning 2 - 3 times a week at the CycleBar next door.... now all I need to do is cut out the beer!

I feel healthier than I have in the past 5 years - in fact during my last physical in March, my doctor said I looked great. And you've helped me build habits that are easy to follow.

David Harris, St. Louis, MO

fit-flavors has replaced my grocery shopping and I love it! The meals are delicious and I never get tired of their menu. I have noticed that my life no longer revolved around food and I don't experience cravings like I used to because my body is getting what it needs thanks to Jillian!

Cathy W, Ballwin, MO

Not having prepared balanced meals readily available to me, since I don’t cook, felt hopeless.

I can order fit-flavors on-line and pickup when it’s convenient for me. The Pure Protein items and bulk items are perfect so I that I can quickly put together my own meals.

Immediately I felt like I could have a “real” meal that is balanced and really really good. My personal favorites are your turkey burgers and veggie rice.

My life is way less stressful now. And because I purchase approx. every 2-3 weeks, I freeze most of my meals and know that there is always something healthy and very good just waiting for me to get home and simply heat it up.

Lesa Davis, St. Louis, MO

I found myself at 60 years old, alone and not ever having to feed myself before, and not knowing what to do. I felt totally lost and hungry, and not wanting to depend on anyone else to feed me but myself.

You saved me! I was able to order food that tasted great, and was actually healthy for me, and delivered to my door, without me having to rely on anyone else to help me. It was xmas 2017. I was given 4 entres for a xmas present, and that was it. I have not eaten any food from any other place since that day. Why would I? I never have to waste one second wondering when or where my next meal is coming from, and on top of that, I eat healthier than any other person I know! problem solved!!

Jim Scherl, Clayton, MO

My partner and I have lost weight since coming to fit-flavors. I've lost 11 pounds and he has lost 15! Of course we incorporate this with walking 3 miles 5-6 times per week.

Ted Gibson, St. Louis, MO

I need to find healthy prepared lunches to take to work. I later discovered I needed to avoid gluten & dairy. I’m also allergic to raw (but not cooked) carrots which is a bizarre allergy, so I’m always asking a million questions about food.

I was frustrated that I had no options other than eating salads or feeling awful at work. And I felt like I was unusually high maintenance, which I hated.

You empowered me as a consumer. You made all the nutritional information readily accessible. I can view the entire binder to see what options there are. I love that you mark gluten Free & dairy free w/ stickers. I call the meals garanimals for food because I just look for the stickers.

I realized fit-flavors was actually working to solve my problem the minute I walked in. I was eating the meals before I learned of the gluten & dairy restrictions. When my doctor and I reviewed my test results and started talking about the changes involved, it was a relief to know I had my work lunches covered.

I’m still a work in progress. But when I have a crazy busy week, I’ll pick up a couple meals for my dinners. Generally, I'm more balanced and grounded, less stressed and anxious.

Kathy Van Voorhees, St. Louis, MO

I was overweight, my blood pressure was high and my doctor had put me on blood pressure medicine, and my glucose level was getting into the problem zone. I tried taking care of it on my own and had started using the meals from Fit-flavors but soon realized that I wasn’t managing it correctly.

I started working with Allison, the dietitian there, and she set me up with a diet to follow. After about three months the weight was starting to come off and my blood pressure was coming down also.

For the last six months I have started cooking for myself and have started an exercise program to build up my muscle mass. I went from 220 lbs to 175 lbs and have held it. I no longer need to take the blood pressure medicine and my glucose level has come down enough that my doctor isn’t concerned about. I also have had to start buying new clothes since my waste went from 36in to 32in. I feel better all around and I’m a lot more active.

Dave Gibbons, St. Louis, MO

Not only do they have a compassionate fit-family, but the food is outstanding. Sometimes people think healthy food is tasteless and not very flavorful, but the food made by Jillian and her staff is remarkable. The flavors that go into each fresh, healthy meal will definitely make you ask for seconds.

Kelsey Barbeau, St. Louis, MO

I had a problem finding the time and the energy to prepare healthy meals after working all day. I ate a lot of frozen (supposedly "healthy") meals and wasn't happy with the amount of sodium in most of them. I would always shop and buy organic meats and vegetables, but ended up throwing a lot of things away as I never found time to use them.

I love that fit-flavors meals are ready in a few minutes and I am full and satisfied afterwards with no guilt. I was feel better physically and I happy to know that I'm eating good quality meals that taste great and kept me satisfied. I have much less stress over what to eat and finding time to cook.

Mary Ellen Campise, Chesterfield, MO

Before fit-flavors, I was hangry because I didn't have time to prep my own meals but didn’t want fast food. And I was angry when I took the time to meal prep myself and felt I was missing time with my family because I was spending time doing that OR tired of my food because when you prep by yourself you don’t get as much variety.

fit-flavors delivers!!! I have so much to choose from and love that you bring it to me. When I’m running late, open fridge, grab meal and leave for work.... lunch is already made- and dinner. Now my kids ask for meals! They are learning the importance of good nutrition!

Julia Willman, St. Charles, MO

It was pure curiosity that led me to stop into fit-flavors for the first time. Little did I know, this one stop would soon become part of my weekly routine and eventually help me surpass fitness goals I never thought possible.

In early 2015 I made it my goal to become the healthiest version of myself by the year 2016. To support this goal of "getting healthy," I made my focus Mount Kilimanjaro, in May of 2016. The problem? I am no mountaineer, and was completely overwhelmed at the idea of training 6 days per week, changing my diet, cooking healthy meals, all while having some sort of life outside of fitness.

I work full time (10 hours shifts) at a hospital and part time at a yoga studio on the weekends. With the help of fit-flavors I was able to stick to a healthy diet, despite an intense training schedule and busy workweek. I have been consistency satisfied with the quality of the meals, and packing my lunch at 5AM is completely stress free. I love not having to spend hours prepping the same healthy meals, which has motivated me to stay on track with my exercise program and gave me free time to enjoy with friends and family. For numerous months, I would leave the house at 5:45AM and not return until after 7PM. With this schedule, which included a 10 hour shift and 1-2 hour workout, I would have struggled to stay on track (as we all know it is much easier to grab take-out) if it was not for fit-flavors. The staff is both extremely friendly and very knowledgable about each of the meals. I highly recommend stopping into the store, even if it is to just ask questions about healthy meals to-go or obtain nutritional information.

I want to personally thank all those at fit-flavors for helping me surpass my goal of "getting healthy," as I am truly in the best shape of my life. I summited Mount Kilimanjaro on June 5th, 2016, a day I will never forget. If you are looking to change your eating habits, want to lose weight, gain muscle, have an extremely busy schedule, or are just looking for a quick, great tasting meal, I encourage you to try fit-flavors. Use it to conquer any obstacle, goal or mountain in your life--I assure you that you will not be disappointed!

Carrie Smith, St. Louis, MO

Before I found Fit Flavors I was the typical “yo yo dieter.” I thought “healthy eating” tasted bland and I would end up binge eating on calorie dense sweets. I couldn’t quite figure out the “aha” moment on my own and truly thought that in order to lose weight I would need to eat salads and completely eliminate sweets.

I honestly felt like I was destined to be fat and that I would always be a binge eater. It felt hopeless and frustrating.

When I found Fit Flavors I realized I could eat nutrient-dense foods that actually tasted really good. To me, Fit Flavors is as good as going out to Llywelyns, Katie’s Pizza, etc. but for half the calories. I know what is offered in the product and cater it to my goals.

Over the past two years I am down 15 pounds and have leaned out quite a bit! My strength for lifting is still improving despite weight loss. I feel so good about myself now and feel less guilty about the foods I eat!! When craving sweets, I know I can turn to a chocolate chip muffin from Fit Flavors—guilt free.

I literally feel like a whole new person. I can’t even explain my frustration and hopelessness before finding Fit Flavors. I no longer binge eat and enjoy the foods I am eating which makes this sustainable.

Jamie Simon, St. Louis, MO

I struggled to consistently prep healthy quality meals for lunches while at work. I rarely needed to purchase food from the (unhealthy) cafeteria but wanted to omit the necessity of eating cafeteria food at all. I was frustrated with time management and having a busy lifestyle.

fit-flavors meals are usually pretty tasty and are quality meals. I love the delivery option. I place my order on line, have it delivered and I’m set for the week. From the first delivery I was hooked. Quality meals and convenience at the same time — amazing!! I’ve omitted one less thing that I need to worry about on a daily basis.

Melinda Weber, Millstadt, IL