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Jillian Tedesco

I used to think bulk items were for people who wanted to gain muscle mass--that was before a busy lifestyle with work and kids. Today, I am a huge consumer of bulk items from fit-flavors for the ease it brings my family, and how it helps our healthy lifestyle.

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Allison Lesko RD LD

We believe in moderation of all foods in order to sustainably adhere to a healthy way of life. Just like all other carbohydrates, we need them to live, but not all are created equal. Sugars, or carbohydrates, are essential for energy, such as brain function needed to focus during work and fuel to power through exercise. There are so many options to sweeten foods and it’s hard to know what’s healthiest.

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Julia Barber

You’ve probably heard of the term “clean eating,” but do you know what it actually means to eat clean? It can be a pretty broad term that everyone has their own personal version of. Let's discuss what clean eating means to us here at fit-flavors.

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