How & Why To Use Bulk Items

Jillian Tedesco

Jillian Tedesco

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How & Why To Use Bulk Items

When I think of bulk items, my perspective these days is much different than what it was 10 years ago. I used to think bulk items were for people who wanted to gain muscle mass--that was before a busy lifestyle with work and kids.

Today, I am a huge consumer of bulk items from fit-flavors for the ease it brings my family, and how it helps our healthy lifestyle. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have mac-n-cheese, grilled chicken, and green beans ready to go at all times. 

For instance, you come home late from an event and the kids are starving, or you're the one who's hangry (that’s typically me). If I’m unprepared my first response is to go to the pantry, but when I have real food ready to go, whole wheat butternut mac-n-cheese and grilled chicken swoop in for the win.


Bulk Herb Chicken and Butternut Pasta

fit-flavors Pure Protein - Herb Chicken with Pasta


There are a few ways you can use bulk items to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re single or feeding a family, having healthy prepared food is key for your results and staying consistent for the long haul. 

Are you someone who likes to eat healthy but is not the best cook? No sweat, fit-flavors bulk items come fully cooked; the only skill needed is using the microwave. Different than pre-made meals, bulk items give you the option to make your own combinations. We suggest creating a balance with a protein, starch and vegetable, or double up on the veggie and skip the starch. Having a chef prepare your food is always great, nothing is worse than overcooked chicken breast for reheated meals throughout the week. 😫


fit-flavors Bulk Items Hodge Podge

"Hodge Podge"


Do you track your macros? Our bulk items provide full nutrition profiles so it is easy to track.  Creating your own meal combinations with different proteins, starches and veggies is easy and fun. By choosing pre-made foods, it minimizes the responsibility of meal prepping all your components. Most popular are our antibiotic-and-hormone-free, lean proteins like our Italian Steak

With bulk options, you can also manage certain dietary restrictions or allergies.  Take for instance our friend Natalie and how she uses bulk items to build vegan and vegetarian dishes in these meals. You can also manage allergies like gluten & dairy, or follow protocols to easily eat anti-inflammatory meals.


Bulk Chicken for Tacos

Taco Tuesday with Bulk Herb Chicken & Fajita Veggies 


Who doesn’t love to save time and money? Bulk items can save you time shopping, prepping and cooking. I see value in purchasing my time back with prepared food. I also have less waste this way, too. I still do minimal grocery shopping and minimal cooking, but having bulk items eases the process of cooking and helps us stay consistent week over week. I can take our herb chicken and make tacos, create a rice and veggie stir fry, make a chicken salad, or a chicken and rice bowl. I always have our bulk chicken on hand.  

Whether you’re counting your macros, finding shortcuts for dinnertime, saving yourself from pantry meals, or using a Chef to make dinner better, bulk has your back.  

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