Jillian's Healthier Margarita

Dr. Jillian Tedesco

Jillian Tedesco

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Jillian's Healthier Margarita

While no alcohol is truly healthy, responsibly enjoying an adult beverage in moderation isn't all bad as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.


Tequila, for example, has been shown to have the following properties when consumed in small amounts (1-2 servings):

  • Agavins, a natural sugar in tequila, have weight-loss properties. They have a less refined molecular structure, which doesn’t raise blood sugar levels. They also stimulate the metabolism, help dissolve fats, and act like fiber to aid in digestion
  • Tequila is derived from fructans, which supply probiotics (healthy bacteria in the gut) to support our immune system.
  • Tequila is gluten free.
  • One of the lowest calorie types of alcohol.


If you plan on responsibly enjoying an adult beverage in moderation while celebrating America's birthday, try Jillian's Healthier Margarita!


Jillian's Healthier Margarita

  • 1/2 C blanco tequila - top shelf; Una Vida Blanco or Codigo Rosa are both high quality, local St. Louis brands
  • 1 orange, juiced - use a citrus squeezer if you don't have a juicer
  • 1/2 shot ginger juice - you can get ginger shots on Amazon or at Whole Foods
  • 3 kumquats, sliced in half - kumquats are a sweet and sour citrus fruit, they look like tiny, oblong oranges
  • jalapeño garnish optional for kick

Skip the salted rim, we don't want to promote water retention 😜


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