No-Bake Homemade Chewy Protein Granola Bar Recipe [Video]

Jillian Tedesco

Jillian Tedesco

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No-Bake Homemade Chewy Protein Granola Bar Recipe [Video]

Watch how quick and easy it is to assemble a protein granola bar from a few staples you should already have in your kitchen.


Dry Ingredients

2 C Old Fashioned Rolled Oats

1 C Protein Powder (whey or vegan, any flavor)

1/4 C Dried Cranberries (any dried fruit or nut will work)

1/2 tsp Cinnamon


Wet Ingredients

3/4 C Creamy Peanut Butter

1/4 C Coconut Oil

1/2 C Honey

1 tsp Vanilla Extract



  1. Mix dry ingredients together in a large bowl
  2. Melt wet ingredients in sauce pan for approximately 60 seconds, then fold wet ingredients into dry ingredients and mix together
  3. Transfer to a small pan and press flat
  4. Refrigerate for 30 min-1 hour then cut. Makes 12 servings.



These no-bake protein granola bars are perfect for busy adults and kids. Grab one for breakfast when you’re walking out the door or keep one wrapped in your bag so you’re always prepared with a healthy snack.

Parent pro tip - kids love these bars and they also love to help make them! One of the best ways to get your little ones to eat healthy is to involve them in the process of making healthy foods. For example, let them choose the type of dried fruit or nut for these bars and help you mix the ingredients together. 


Other variations to try

  • Dark chocolate chips or cacao nibs
  • Walnuts, pecans, or almonds
  • Chia or flaxseed
  • Different dried fruits - blueberries, apricots, apples, bananas, cherries, mango
  • Different extracts - maple, almond
  • Different nut butters - almond butter, sun butter, cashew butter
  • Different protein powders or flavors - vanilla, chocolate strawberry, cookies and cream


Get creative and have fun! Let us know what variations you try in the comments!

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