Quick & Easy Avocado Toast Recipe

Jillian Tedesco

Jillian Tedesco

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Quick & Easy Avocado Toast Recipe

Every time I make this meal, I think to myself, why don’t I make this more often? It takes about 8-10 minutes to make this fancy little breakfast. fit-flavors’s licensed and registered dietitian, Allison Lesko RD LD, spoils me each time we hang out at her place and makes me this. It's affordable, easy and sure to please. This meal is balanced with complex carbs, heart healthy fats and lean protein. Plus, if you opt for sprouted bread you will receive more vitamins and minerals.

Serves: 1

Time: 8 minutes


1 Slice of Dave's Killer Bread or any sprouted bread

½ Avocado

3 Egg whites - scrambled

Cilantro garnish - rough chop

Dash of salt 

Sprinkle of red pepper flakes (optional)

Cherry tomatoes - halved (optional)


  1. Toast your bread.
  2. Cook your egg whites in a skillet with a spray of avocado oil. My favorite way is scrambled.
  3. Half your avocado longways, then thinly slice one half with your knife longways. Scoop the slices out with a spoon from the skin. Save the other half in the fridge. 
  4. Layer your avocado on your toast and season with salt.
  5. Top your avocado with egg whites.
  6. Finish with cilantro and optional red pepper flakes and cherry tomatoes.

Chef's Tips

  • Garnishing salt is key for finishing this meal. You can find it in your spice isle. 
  • I love this avocado saver from Amazon. Keep the pit in the avocado, store cut side down in the air tight container and you will minimize the rate of oxidation to make the avocado last longer.



Health Benefits

I love this breakfast for two reasons: (1) It’s absolutely delicious while still being balanced with important nutrients and (2) it takes less than 10 minutes to make!


Avocados, known for their high levels of healthy monounsaturated fats, are extremely heart healthy. This fat source actually helps the body absorb important fat soluble vitamins, especially vitamin A which is important for eye, skin and hair health. Adding avocado to meals helps satiety levels and can even better manage blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. 

Sprouted Bread

One of my favorite sprouted breads is Dave’s Killer Bread. It’s truly unlike most bread out there. This is because it’s made with sprouted, organic grains. Letting the grains sprout prior to grinding them allows our body to access and absorb more vitamins and minerals than normal. This fibrous bread helps fill us up longer due to its complex carbohydrates. Giving yourself fiber in the morning helps jumpstart your day with energy

Egg Whites

Egg whites are a lean protein source that balances out the meal and helps you feel satisfied. Eggs, especially the whites, are great for adding a very important nutrient for building and repairing muscle--protein. Like the other quality macronutrients, protein as part of a meal helps manage blood sugar levels in the blood and keep you full longer. 


Make this at home, share a pic and at tag me (@jilliantedesco) and fit-flavors (@fit_flavors)!

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