Time, Variety, and Knowledge

Jillian Tedesco

Jillian Tedesco

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Time, Variety, and Knowledge

There are probably 3 things you crave from your food… 

  1. Time (to make good food)
  2. Variety
  3. Knowledge (of what tastes good)

Maybe you’ve never thought about it this way, but typically the biggest hurdle keeping you from consistently eating healthy are these three things. Maybe you’re a busy mom like me or maybe cooking intimidates you and you don’t have the desire to learn how to really cook.  

When I’m creating a new menu for fit-flavors I’m always thinking about these 3 things (and a million others). I want to break them down a bit for you and give you that "behind the scenes" experience. 

 First and foremost, when you think of a prepared meal, you can’t overlook the time you gain back by having someone else do the work for you. How long does it take you to prep 10-20 meals? Actually, let's reel it back...do you actually prep your food consistently to prepare you for a successful week?

 Depending on your expertise, you're looking at at least 4-8 hours to plan, shop, cook, portion out, and store. That’s like...all of Sunday. Which is why it's easy to skip it altogether. If you struggle with cooking, eating right, or finding the time to prep, a meal prep service provides more value. 

 Secondly, variety is enjoyable. Let’s compare you making your food vs purchasing. What is your culinary skill? Are you able to prepare different options within a meal prep session and make them tasty and not over cook chicken (that is so common)?

 Most people cook a few basic staples and mix and match ingredients. Variety keeps you engaged with your healthy lifestyle. Variety keeps you engaged with your healthy lifestyle. But it's kind of exhausting to constantly come up with new recipes and hope it tastes good 3 days later. I like to have 60+ fit-flavors menu items each season so I don't get bored with the food myself! My family lives on fit-flavors throughout the week. 

 Last, knowledge is key. Knowing how to choose quality ingredients, how to create a flavor profile, how to create a balanced plate that will fuel you, and how to ensure it will all taste good 3-4 days later takes a lot of knowledge! 

 When you eat fit-flavors, it's like having a personal chef & nutritionist cooking for you. To ensure you get the best possible meal, we execute our strict guidelines with managing food labels. We hand craft our recipes to ensure you get the most flavor and nutrition. To control sugar and sodium, we make from scratch our spice blends, marinades and sauces. To deliver killer flavor profiles, we hand craft all our enchiladas, burgers, and meatballs, smoke meats, and utilize different cuisines. Pre-made foods and home made products don’t compare in quality.  Then, after this is all done, we test our products and run the numbers of the macronutrients by our Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Analyst to ensure everything is inline with our nutritional values.

 These 3 key factors, time, variety and knowledge are what you are investing in. Ok, I’m going to share the biggest secret with you for healthy eating.  IF YOU DON’T LOVE WHAT YOU ARE EATING OR DOING, YOU WON’T STICK WITH IT!  

 Consistency is more important than perfection. It’s the answer to the yoyo dieting frenzy, and our on-again-off-again approach to nutrition. If it’s not realistic to maintain, it will probably fizzle and you will find yourself off the wagon again, and not where you envisioned yourself when you made your big health goal.

 Being consistent with healthy eating for a long period of time will render more results than eating perfect for a few weeks or months and then falling off the wagon and having to get back on (again).   

 What’s your reality?

 PS - if this hit home for you, check out fit-flavors' 8-week nutrition counseling program, fitU (register now, we start May 16th).

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