Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Nikki Ownby

Nikki Ownby

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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

A gift is an opportunity to show someone that you’re grateful for them in your life. These are a few of the things that we at fit-flavors love to give (and receive) to elevate the health of our loved ones. We hope they help you find the perfect gift for at least one person on your list, or drop a few not-so-subtle hints!

We’ve included our top picks for the fashionista, the foodie, the traveler, the weightlifter and HIIT enthusiast, the runner, the golfer, the outdoorsman, the yogi and the cyclist

For All

fit-flavors Gift Card

fit-flavors, Prices Vary

What we eat is the most important part to achieving our goals, and when we don’t have the time to cook a healthy meal at home, the last thing that’s going to get us feeling our best is a drive thru or take out. For the one who wants to save time and still eat healthy, get a fit-flavors gift card. 


For the Fashionista

lux and nyx jane 1775 round cross body bag

Jane 1775 Round Cross Body

Lux & Nyx, $198.00

Handmade, small batch, limited quantity. Inspired by the femininity and romance of Jane Austen, this crossbody bag is soft to the touch with a curved saddle shape and gold plated hardware. We love the unique shape, quality construction and modern lines. 


Women’s Pack It Down Vest

Lululemon, $148.00

Warm and lightweight, this vest is perfect for travel and layering. It’s water-repellent, wind-resistant and has an exterior pocket with a hidden card pocket for easy access. We love it for its low profile, versatility, and stylish design. 


Men’s ABC Pant

Lululemon, $128.00

These pants are life changing. They look like casual dress pants, but with four-way stretch comfort that’s perfect for a busy, active life. They can be worn to the office, for a night out, or to lounge in. We love them for their versatility, simple style and flattering fit. 


Men’s Puremeso Raglan Henley

The Normal Brand, $58.00

Soft, cozy, and versatile, this polyester-cotton blend was designed with movement and breathability in mind. Your loved one can make progress on a garage project, dress it up, or hang around the bonfire in this incredibly comfortable shirt. We love it for it’s easy washing and reinforced seams, allowing us to do anything in this fabric.


For the Foodie

Recipe Cards

321Done, $12.99 

Keep track of favorite recipes and easily refer back to them. Help your loved one start a tradition of writing favorite recipes with new things they try during the holidays, and save them to pass down to the next generation. Slowly but surely they'll create an heirloom that will be cherished for years, in their family’s unique handwriting. We love these for the thick card stock, simple design, and large 4” x 6” size. 


Mini Waffle Maker 

Dash, $14.99

Great for waffles, paninis, hash browns, and other quick meals and snacks...and so cute! We all love these comfort foods, but not the calories that come along with them. Your beloved foodie can skip the sluggish feelings with their own healthy recipe (we recommend something with a complex carb and heart healthy fat) and a portion-controlled serving. 


The World Atlas of Coffee

James Hoffmann, $29.48

For the one who drinks their morning brew with passion and curiosity, this book explores coffee growing regions and cultures around the world, the people who grow it, processing, grades, and the modern consumer through informative text and full color photographs. We love this atlas for it’s informative and thought-provoking style. 

 Shun Santoku 7" Classic Hollow Knife

Santoku Knife

Shun, $188.00

A reliable knife is one of our most important tools when creating with food. The santoku is a Japanese all-purpose kitchen knife and our go to for slicing, dicing and chopping just about everything. We love this knife for its durability, quality steel, and how long it holds its edge so we can craft a delicious, nourishing dish with confidence and ease. 


For the Traveler

Departure & Arrival Body Care Travel Kits 

Aesop, $35.00 - $53.00

When we get to the airport and arrive at our destination, we should feel refreshed for the adventure ahead, but long hours traveling can leave our skin fatigued. These hair and body care staples help revive weary travelers at journey’s end and beyond, providing aromatic cleansing and hydration (unisex). We love these because they’re designed to include in carry on luggage and for use in transit, and are formulated with the highest quality and efficacy. 


The Zoe Backpack

Lux & Nyx, $445.00

This is a luxurious, functional, and sophisticated book bag for the active traveler. Each bag is handcrafted by a family-owned artisan shop from start to finish, has over 18 compartments to fit all their favorite things, is water resistant, durable, and made from exclusive Freedom Fiber™ material. We love this because it takes us from home, to office, to gym with everything in one stylish bag, helping us look and feel our best. 


Shaker Bottle

fit-flavors, $9.99

An ultra light-weight, versatile shaker bottle to stay hydrated, mix pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout recovery supplements or for a meal replacement shake during the day. We love this because it fits in most backpacks and cup holders, doesn’t leak when you shake it, and is a constant reminder that we are grateful to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Comes with patented BlenderBottle wire whisk ball for super smooth shakes. Available in red and white.  


Resistance Bands 

Perform Better, $17.95

One of the hardest parts about traveling is getting out of your routine, and we know the most important thing to getting and staying healthy is consistency. These bands are lightweight, easy to fit in a weekender bag, and will allow your loved one to stay in the healthy groove no matter where they are. These come in a variety pack with 4 bands so they can tailor the resistance based on the exercise. 

For the Weightlifter & HIIT Enthusiast

Bar Grips

Fat Gripz, $29.00 - $42.00

Sometimes we feel like we could get another rep if we could just hold on for a little longer...but our hands wore out before the other muscles we’re actually trying to work. Enter these solid bar grips that can be placed on barbells, dumbbells, pull up bars, TRX handles, and pulley system attachments so your loved one can strengthen their grip and get stronger everywhere else, too. Available in a variety of sizes for a variety of hands.  

Speed Rope

Rogue, $23.25

“The only thing that will break are your records.” A speed rope with rotating handles for great grip, bearing system to allow for super fast rope jumping, and coated cable for added durability. This rope makes our gift-worthy list because it’s made to last, it’s adjustable, and helps us smash our jump roping records. 

Hypersphere Mini 

HyperIce, $99.00

You know how much pain *mmhmm* progress your loved one can make rolling a lacrosse ball on their muscles? Now imagine if that lacrosse ball vibrated and they get this vibrating massage therapy ball. We love this because it targets those awkward areas difficult to reach with a foam roller, and is great for recovery in between sessions with a personal trainer, massage therapist, or chiropractor. It’s also small and portable enough if they travel and want to take it with them to improve circulation after long flights or car rides.


Shaker Bottle 

fit-flavors, $9.99

An ultra light-weight, versatile shaker bottle to stay hydrated, mix pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout recovery supplements or for a meal replacement shake during the day. We love this because it fits in most backpacks and cup holders, doesn’t leak when you shake it, and is a constant reminder that we are grateful to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Comes with patented BlenderBottle wire whisk ball for super smooth shakes. Available in red and white. 

For the Runner

Believe Training Journal

Lauren Fleshman & Roisin McGettigan-Dumas, $19.70

Designated grids for recording data and times, full year of undated weeks, worksheets, quizzes, lists, space for notes. Written by pro runners “with thought-provoking insight on how to define goals, how to respect your body, how to deal with adversity, and how to get mentally tough for competition.” Helpful to reveal valuable insights to become a healthier, happier runner. 


Cool Ice Therapy Wrap

Dr Cool, $10.00 - $24.00

Great for aching body parts that need a cold squeeze to help speed up recovery. We love how this is reusable and machine washable. The variety of sizes are great for different body parts like ankles, knees and shoulders. 


Women’s Run Fast Gloves & Men’s Resolute Runner Gloves

Lululemon, $42.00 

A run shouldn’t be cut short from cold hands. Empower endurance with gloves designed to keep hands dry, warm, and stylish in the process. We love the quality and design of these gloves.


Theragun liv

Theragun, $249.00

A hand-held, motorized, deep muscle treatment tool powered by rapid, repetitive strokes to stimulate blood flow and heat, reduce soreness, and promote recovery. The unique triangle shape handle and variety of attachments makes it comfortable to target hard-to-reach areas. We love it for in-between visits to the chiropractor, and for its lightweight and compact design.


For the Golfer

Swing Analysis or Golf Lesson

GolfTec, Prices Vary

With the technology at one of these locations, a golfer will learn something new about their game, and get the opportunity to work with a pro.


Massage Envy, Prices Vary 

We think that we need to buy our golfer friend a piece of equipment, but let’s be honest, that is a very personal decision, and if they are any good at golf, odds are they wouldn’t use what we chose anyways. Most equipment needs to be fitted. A massage is a great gift for the golfer as mobility is key for golf. This is a thoughtful gift for a golfer, and quite frankly anyone active.

Stretch Session

Stretch U, $30.00

If massage isn’t for them, or you want to be more creative, try a series of stretching sessions at Stretch U. There is one local STL location. For those outside of the St. Louis area, we love the Chirp Wheel, designed to fit perfectly between shoulder blades, targeting the muscles that go up and down the spine. 

Putter Fitting

Club Champion, $100.00

A fun gift for a more experienced golfer would be putter fitting at Club Champion. This gift will help save a ton of missed puts…or at least that’s what we hope for! This will fit their grip on their current putter. A fun customized gift.

For the Outdoorsman

Sneaker Boots

Columbia, $150.00

For those who want to look good exploring in colder weather, consider these boots. They look like high top sneakers, but have all the essentials of a solid pair of hiking boots, too. They’re waterproof, breathable, warm, durable, and offer great traction for trailheads and concrete jungles alike. We love that they can be worn with a variety of pants, and can transition to casual hikes after being worn in the office during the cold months. Click here for women’s. 

Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

Waterproof Dry Bag

Earth Pak, $18.99 - $38.99

Puddles, streams, and rain...oh my. No matter how careful an outdoorsmen is on their adventures, they’re bound to encounter water a some point. A dry bag like this one keeps their focus on the trail, fishing line, and conquering that waterfall just around the bend. We love that it’s built to last for years, comes in a variety of sizes and colors (10L - 55L) and keeps all of our favorite non-water-friendly electronics safe and dry. 

USB Solar Lantern

LuminAID, $24.99

When a phone flashlight just won’t cut it or *gasp* it dies, this inflatable solar lantern will shed some light on any situation. Great for emergency kits, backyard barbecues, outdoor festivals, night swimming, or at a campsite. We love it for the variety of light settings (turbo, high, medium, low, flashing), the ability to charge it with the USB cable in our car or in direct sunlight, and how light it is (5oz) so it want drag down whatever it’s hung on. 

Hiker Boot Full Cushion Socks

Darn Tough, $25.95

We now understand why, when we were kids, adults looked genuinely excited to get socks as a was because of socks like these. Heavy cushioning, Merino wool and naturally antimicrobial, these socks will have your outdoorsman skipping over the next ridge, not asking how far it is back to the car. We love these because they aren’t bulky, they breathe well and are super comfy for long hikes.

For the Yogi

Big Yoga Mat

Lululemon, $78.00 - $88.00

Our favorite yoga mat! Great for someone who does yoga regularly and who is frustrated when a mat is too small, especially when transitioning from one end to the other, or moving from side plank to rockstar pose and ending up totally off the mat. With this larger style mat, they can be comfortably on the mat the whole class regardless of the pose. Plus, with moisture-absorbing natural rubber, they won’t have to worry about their hands slipping in downward-dog. 

Yoga Block

Gaiam, $10.99

This block is great for beginners or yogis working on new poses. It’s a prop to help with balance as well as tightness. It aids when trying new poses and can also aid individuals who are too tight to get into a pose. This is a great gift for someone who practices at home.

Essential Oils & Glass Spray Bottles

Plant Therapy, $69.95, Cornucopia Brands, $9.99

All yogis know that essential oils are essential, both on and off the mat. Here are some they can enjoy at home or in a spray bottle they take to class. Bottles are great for throwing in your gym bag to spray your mat for freshness. Also great for around the house!

2100 Asanas Book

Daniel Lacerda, $27.14

Organized into eight sections for the major types of poses -- standing, seated, core, quadruped, inversions, prone, supine and backbends -- and each section gently progresses from easy to more challenging. Each pose is accompanied by the name of the pose in English and Sanskrit, the Drishti point (eye gaze), the chakras affected and primary benefits.” We love this book as a thorough guide that generously invites our yogis to deepen their practice with helpful photos. 

For the Cyclist 

Hydration & Electrolyte Supplement

Nuun Sport, $7.00

Cyclists always need to ensure they are getting proper hydration and electrolytes. These tasty and hydrating blend of electrolytes and minerals provide complete hydration on the go and make a great stocking stuffer.  

Gift Card to a Coffee & Cycling Shop

Road Crew, Prices Vary

New local coffee and cycling shop in St. Louis dedicated to inviting cyclists of all levels into an inclusive, welcoming environment so all can share in the beauty of cycling and coffee. A great place for thoughtfully brewed coffee and meticulous service, a gift card here would be awesome if they ride in the city.  

AfterShokz Bone Conduction Air Headphones

Bone Conduction Air Headphones

AfterShokz, $119.99

Perfect headphones for the cyclist, they can listen to music and still hear what is happening around them. Bone conduction technology delivers music through the cheekbones, ensuring ears remain completely open to hear ambient sounds. Titanium and open fit design allow for light weight, long lasting comfort and maximum situational awareness.

Cushioned Performance Socks

Swiftwick, $13.99

A must for any cyclist! Always a great gift. These socks are cushioned without sacrificing performance. With compression, moisture wicking, and breathable fibers for quick, happy feet. 



We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect gift for at least one person on your list, or drop a few not-so-subtle hints! Don't forget to grab a few fit-flavors gift cards as stocking stuffers for all the health conscious, busy people in your life. Happy holidays!

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