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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Nikki Ownby

A gift is an opportunity to show a special someone that you see them, you love them, and you’re grateful for them in your life. These are a few of the things that we love as to give (and receive) to elevate the health of our loved ones. We hope they help you find the perfect gift for at least one person on your list! We’ve included our top picks for the fashionista, the foodie, the traveler, the weightlifter and HIIT enthusiast, the runner, the golfer, the outdoorsman, the yogi and the cyclist. 

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How to Ditch Bad Habits (and Form Good Ones)

Julia Barber

Before fully committing and making progress towards ditching your bad habits, it’s important to understand what stage of behavior change you’re in. Theoretically, there are 4 stages of habit change: contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance.

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6 Tips for Eating Healthy at a Restaurant

Julia Barber

Eating out at a restaurant should be a fun treat, but can often be scary or frustrating if you’re worried about what to eat in unfamiliar territory. What do I order? Do I eat before so I don't eat too much? Should I just order a drink? Should I even go? No need to fear! With these helpful tips you’ll be able to dine out like a pro without the guilt or fear of sabotaging your healthy lifestyle.

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How to Build A Healthy Relationship With Food

Allison Lesko RD LD

Imagine ordering a big juicy cheeseburger at the restaurant you’ve been craving just to find yourself feeling guilty for that decision the rest of the day. If you’re reading this, you probably have a love for food - but we all can admit, it’s not always the easiest relationship to manage.

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How to Find Balance in Your Life

Jillian Tedesco

Do you ever hear people say I need balance, or on the other end of the spectrum, balance is not realistic? Think to yourself: what does balance even mean or look like to you? Why would you want balance in your life?

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